March 19, 2020
Hi! Welcome to our blog. We are Daniel and Maria. We are a Filipino-American couple from California who share passions for travel, food, and photography.

Meet Maria

Maria here. I’m the Filipina wifey. I do the cooking, cleaning, the one taking most of our photos, and probably the one who will be writing most of our blog posts. Besides being a domesticated wife, I do have a real job. I am a full time Director of Sales for a pharmaceutical packaging company based in California. When I am not busy, you’ll find me playing with Summer (our rescued cat) and Kenzo (our rescued miniature schnauzer), or reading a book, or watching my favorite Korean dramas. I was born and raised in Bohol, Philippines. I moved to California last March of 2016. If you are from Bohol and reading this, “maayong adlaw”.

Meet Daniel

Hi. I’m Daniel, the American hubby. I am from a small town of Glenwood, Arkansas. I spent 20 years being stationed in NAS Lemoore. I just retired from the US Navy, and during my time, I have travelled to several countries due to deployments. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree while working as a full time contractor. I have two beautiful daughters, Leilani and Kirstyn. I am a sports fan, a car fanatic, I love riding motorcycles, spending time with my family and doing outdoor activities. In this blog, I will be Maria’s partner in creating useful contents to share with you guys.

All About Us

Daniel was introduced to me by a friend in 2009. We have been friends since then. We share so many things in common. We have same likes and dislikes. And funny how we can even finish each other's sentences. No kidding! I thought we were undoubtedly compatible with each other.

We started dating in 2010. I flew to Malaysia to meet Daniel for the first time. Yes, that is me taking the “love knows no distance” quote literally. After couple of weeks, I flew to Hong Kong to meet him again. And in June of 2010, he flew from California to Philippines, and surprised me with a wedding proposal on my birthday.

He is the sweetest! We were engaged for 2 years and got married in 2012. On 2016, I finally decided to move to California to be with Daniel, after being in a long distance relationship for roughly 6 years.

Why The World Cruisers?

I met Daniel during his military cruise. So when Daniel and I were discussing what to name our blog, I thought “cruisers” would be perfect. And since we are planning to travel the world with our kids, therefore we decided to name our blog The World Cruisers.

This little blog of ours is more like a portal where we can document all our travels and maybe share some ideas and tips to other travelers as well. Please bare with us a we slowly make this blog a useful and informative site.

I hope you will follow our travel journey and maybe share with us your travel stories, your suggestions and travel recommendations.

Thank you for reading and visiting our blog.


Daniel & Maria

Check out some of our photos from our travels. :)

Sequoia National Park in California

Alabama Hills in California

The Winchester House in San Jose, California

The Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Yosemite National Park in California

Hong Kong, China

Kenzo and Summer enjoying the views in June Lake, Mammoth, California. 

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

Additional photos from our travels.